Hydrogen sulfide - H2S

Without a doubt, hydrogen sulphide measurement equipment is essential in wastewater treatment plants and other municipal facilities. The meters in this category guarantee efficient operation in all working conditions. Gas analyzers that check the level of hydrogen sulfide concentration are necessary in facilities such as biogas plants and landfill sites, and help to protect power generators against excessive acidification of the lubricating oil. Our devices are resistant to various external factors.

Due to the short response time, low power consumption and wide configuration options, the Hydrogehydrogen Hydrogen Sulfide Meters are well-known to users. By using our equipment, you will identify the areas covered by the risk of danger, which will allow you to take steps to eliminate it. The proposed devices for the measurement of hydrogen sulphide meet the highest quality standards both in terms of performance, functionality and failure-free. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the technical parameters of individual meter models.

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