Butane - C4H10

Due to the fact that butane is an odorous gas, detection of its leaks is particularly difficult. To efficiently identify the threat, you should invest in high-end butane meters. It is worth noting that leaks in gas installations and other devices using this type of fuel can cause explosions. A small source of energy in the form of a spark in the electric contact or a match flame is enough to let the gas become a deadly threat. Utilizing reliable Nanosens Butane Detectors you can quickly and efficiently detect dangerous spills!

In our offer you will find butane meters that will surprise you with its rich functionality and precision of operation. Due to the availability of a wide range of models, you will certainly choose a device that meets the requirements of your company. The proposed butane detectors have been created for long-term and reliable operation. Check what metrics we can currently offer you and find out that Nanosens has the best offer for you!

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