Biogas Analyzers

A biogas analyzer is a measuring device that enables continuous or cyclic measurement of selected gases in the biogas.

The basic devices in our offer that help to optimize and control the clean energy production process are the BIOTEX series biogas analyzers, which come in three versions: BIOTEX SINGLEPOINT single-point biogas analyzer, BIOTEX MULTIPOINT multi-point biogas analyzer and BIOTEX XL biogas analyzer with continuous analysis of gas mixture components. The devices meet the requirements of the ATEX directive, thanks to which, as one of the few, they can be safely used in explosion hazard zones.

A characteristic feature of the offered biogas analyzers is their maintenance-free nature. The SINGLEPOINT and MULTIPOINT series devices do not use any interchangeable filters, and the sensors are automatically conditioned after each measurement, which significantly extends their service life.

We also provide portable biogas analyzers of the DP-27 BIO and DP-28 BIO series, which are used for incidental biogas or landfill gas inspections when there is a need to perform single or periodic measurements of their parameters. Gas analyzers in this category are perfect for all working conditions. Due to the wide range of configuration options, you can easily adjust the operation of the device to your needs.

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