Portable Monitors

Single-gas or multi-gas meters from the DP-25 series detect and measure selectively specific, gas-selected gas substances. They can measure up to six substances simultaneously, in different ranges with selected alarm thresholds, both in a diffusive manner and forced using a manual gas pump. The most advanced and ensuring precise measurements at the laboratory level are gas meters from the DP-24 series. Thanks to advanced electronics, they provide gas measurement with resolution for single ppb values. They can cooperate with a wide range of electrochemical, infrared, PID, pellistor, semiconductor or thermoconductive sensors.

Each gas meter available in our range is characterized by high ergonomics of service. A clear display with backlight and properly arranged buttons determine that everyday operation of the device does not cause any problems. Regardless of whether you choose a multi-gas or one-gas meter, you can be sure that it will perfectly fulfill your task. Our assortment was created for various needs of customers, that’s why we offer devices with different purpose and different technical properties.

If you want to be sure that the measurement of gas in your workplace will be accurate, investment in Nanosens devices is the best solution for you. Check what meters we can currently offer and choose the device that suits your needs.

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