Hydrogen chloride - HCl

One of the elements of our offer are hydrogen chloride meters. They are an irreplaceable solution for industrial plants, municipal facilities, cold stores and livestock buildings, which are particularly vulnerable to leaks of harmful gases. Due to the fact that hydrogen chloride is heavier than air, as a result of oxygen displacement very often it accumulates in the lower parts of the rooms. It is worth knowing that this dangerous gas is toxic as a result of inhalation and can cause serious damage to the skin. The investment in Nanosens gas control systems will enable you to reliably detect threats.

The proposed hydrogen chloride meters were created for the most demanding users. The functionality of devices in this category can be adapted to the current needs of the plant. Our detectors work great in companies representing various industries. Nanosens gas control systems are easy to use, and the modern technological solution is responsible for the reliability of their measurements.

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