MAP headspace gas Analysers

In our offer you will find laboratory analyzers for the composition of the protective atmosphere in MAP food packaging, allowing you to control the quality of the mixture.

For the food industry, we offer laboratory DP-28 MAP atmosphere composition analyzers, allowing for selective, fast quality control and tightness of food packaging. The analyzers allow you to control the content of carbon dioxide and residual oxygen.

The operation of the MAP atmosphere atmosphere analyzer is very simple. It is enough to stick the sealing filter to the packaging, install the needle in it and you can enjoy the detailed measurement. The big advantage of our devices is that the obtained results are automatically saved in the analyzer's memory.

The proposed MAP atmosphere atmosphere analyzer works well not only in the food industry, but also in laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. To make a reliable measurement, just 15ml of the gas sample volume is enough. This solution makes the device work perfectly well in every packaging available on the market.

In addition to the intuitive and simple operation, the Nanosens MAP protective atmosphere analyzer also surprises with the extraordinary speed of operation. The measurement is performed within 15 seconds, making the device irreplaceable in the case of random control of food packaging in the enterprise. Check what other benefits come from using our MAP atmosphere analyzers and see that Nanosens is the best solution for you!

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