Gas detectors

Familiarize yourself with our offer for a gas detection device, we have ready solutions in the form of gas detectors for various applications. Gas detectors of our production are small, handy, easy to use and durable in operation.

The DP-30 series are the simplest gas detectors that offer detection of alarm threshold violations for toxic and explosive substances, and control oxygen levels.
They provide effective protection of life and health through: intuitive interpretation of results, simple alarm messages, triple signaling: sound, acoustic and optical, memory of events, long battery life, durable housing.

The proposed gas detectors work perfectly wherever there is a danger associated with the escape of harmful or toxic gases. Devices in this category are very popular among entrepreneurs from various industries. They are irreplaceable in municipal and industrial plants, as well as warehouses designated for storing hazardous substances.

By investing in a gas sensor from our offer, you can be sure that your employees will be instantly informed about the potential danger. An undoubted advantage of the proposed devices is easy operation, which determines that even less experienced users will not have problems with detecting the threat. The gas detectors offered are adapted to reliable operation in any, even the most difficult conditions. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the parameters of individual devices.

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